Mothership Timeline

Noticing that the power of a group was evident in the national franchisors websites, I decided to create a similar website that is only for top independent small carpet cleaning business brands.

I noticed that the local businesses from the national franchises often ranked in top on search results.

It occurred to me that if I could get my clients (small locally-branded carpet cleaning businesses) their own webpage in one of these large nationwide-franchise (you know who they are) websites, that their page would show up higher in search results very quickly. But, of course, these sites were only open to the franchise owners. Oh well.

What if I made a national website that was modeled after the big franchises' websites, but made it only available to top-rated, small, independent, locally-owned brands?

If I did this, and we got enough participants, then my participating clients would also achieve higher placement in Google Search Results. I started calling this concept the "mothership".

Break Ground on The Mothership

I hired a developer to put together the search bar and the basic structure of the website.

The Website is live, but still under construction

Still building the spot and spill guide and the article blog.

Official Launch of The Mothership


Projected finish of the Spot and Spill guide


Full Article section complete, New articles submission

Thank you for your patience! Here we go!