The Power of the Group

Only the franchises enjoy the power of a fairly large group of cleaners when it comes to internet marketing and websites. But, with the "Mothership," and your expert participation, that can all change fairly soon.

There are many ways that we can leverage the power of our group to raise everyone up the Google rankings, share resources, and render considerable cost savings.

One of the main purposes of The Solid Setup is to emulate the marketing advantages enjoyed by the franchises.

Your Participation is the Key

As a Solid Setup member, it's important that you are a strong participant in the group. My job is to coordinate these actions and make it as easy for you as possible to be an effective participant. Together as a group of strong participants, we can create that advantage.

What do I mean by participate? What will you have to do?

In the near future, I will need clickers, writers, note-takers, referrals, and questionnaire-takers.

Clickers: Simply put, I will need you to click and read other member's articles and social media posts.

Writers: Whether you have writing skills or not, you are a skilled expert cleaner. I need to elicit these expert words from you (I have some great ideas), so that I can turn them into quality written pieces.

Note-Takers: Every conversation you have with a customer could probably benefit other customers, and is a great prompt for articles and posts. After every job, if you answer a question well, if you allay a customer's concerns, if you wow a customer with a common challenge (a stain, a high-traffic area success), then this is perfect for a written piece, an article, an FAQ answer, or a social media post. Take notes after every job! Journal and share your successes. And send them to me for your marketing!

Referrals: The more participants we have, and the more top cleaners we have on The Mothership, the stronger the group power becomes. If you know a top cleaner in another city, anywhere in America, tell them about The Solid Setup. Not only will I reward you and your referral with discounts, you're also building on the power of The Mothership.

Questionnaire Takers: From time to time, I may send you a questionnaire or a writing prompt. For example, "What's the toughest stain you've successfully removed?" For exceptional answers, your written piece could be featured on the Mothership! How would you like a link to your website from the Home page of a national website? That's the SEO backlinks golden standard.

The Mothership: Group Power

The more members that join the Mothership, the more powerful it becomes for everyone. Imagine if there are 100 or 200 ... or 900+ ... other cleaners contributing pages to the Mothership. It's possible to become the largest and most powerful carpet cleaning website on the internet. That's a fact. No hype. No bull.

Even more linking opportunities are available to you if you contribute to the "Spot and Spill Guide" and other articles within the Mothership. Contributing experts will get links to their website — more golden links.

Individual Websites

The current model of my website would cost several thousand dollars if I sold it to only one individual carpet cleaner.

And I'm currently working on the 2021 website model, that Solid Setup subscribers will be upgraded to — at no extra cost

With a significant group of cleaners, I can build a market-value $6,000 - $8,000 website template, and customize it with your content, your colors, your logo, your local and brand character, and essentially you're sharing the cost of the original design for a fraction of the price. This way I can make VERY high quality websites for cleaners, and only charge a few hundred dollars for the hours I take to customize it for you.

Also, the more of your websites that are participating in the Solid Setup program and connected to Google Analytics, the more data I can analyze to improve everyone's website. For example, what if I moved the customer contact form on a few websites to the top of the page (with your permission, of course), and I see significant gains in customer conversions on those websites!? Well, I can move the customer contact forms on ALL the websites! This is how more and more perfect websites are made. This constant improvement will make all of The Solid Setup subscribers more competitive in your local marketplace.

Hosting and Secure Certificates

Individually, hosting your website on powerful business servers and adding a secure certificate can be a large monthly expense. But with a group, I can buy a chunk of business space that we can all share, and buy packs of Secure Certificates at a reduced cost. That is a significant monthly savings for a superior hosting package! No more budget shared hosting with all of its problems.

Group Support

My goal is to attract a large group of top experts in the industry to the Mothership and to the Solid Setup program. By joining together, and sharing our knowledge, our success stories, what works and doesn't work, we are able to raise the standards of our internet marketing. With mutual encouragement, we are motivated to continually improve our technical knowledge and expertise. As a group, we have the opportunity to learn from the best in our industry.

Let's Prime the Pumps a Little

Let's say we write a blog post for your website, or a success story, or an article — and we place it on your website. What if you had 20 extra people click on your article over the next few weeks? Google would note those traffic spikes. Do you think this would give you an edge over your competition? You see where I'm going with this? Really, do you? I'm going to plant a flag in this right now until we get a few more participants. Then I'll explain how big this could be.

Google will Notice!

When it comes to internet marketing, content is king. From the Mothership to your individual websites, I am striving for premium quality content, and that's the topic of the next tour page...


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