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Social Media Marketing : it's not everyone's favorite subject, but being competitive in social media and review sites (especially Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business) and other free directories are effective elements for a most successful internet strategy and getting ranked well by Search Engines (SEO).

Generally, the companies that have the most authentic, real reviews from their real customers tend to rank best in Google organic results, and also tend to help visitors choose your service.

It's a good idea to embrace the reviews process and social media, and I want to help you curate your social pages with the professional consistency of your brand. The quality of your social media and reviews pages should reflect your high standards of professionalism and match your high-quality website.

Can you rank well without social media? Sure, if you have no competition. Can you rank well without a bunch of good reviews? — It's far less likely. Google needs to see that you are a quality business, and so they look at your reviews, social media participation, and directory inclusion.

Go where your customers are.

I will not twist your arm or bug you to participate in social media, directories, or review sites. But I want to strongly recommend that you go where your customers spend time — where your brand and logo can get in front of people's eyeballs — and where your clients can easily give recommendations to their friends and family.

For example, if you have a Facebook Business Page (not a Facebook personal profile, but a free professional business page), then it's a single click for your great customers to recommend your business to every one of their friends and family. It's a huge opportunity unlike any other. I'm not talking about expensive advertising. I'm only suggesting a free, but strong, quality presence.


How can I help you?

I can help you with the initial setup and the graphics, and suggest a strategy for content that links effectively with your website. Just ask me.

For The Solid Setup - Level 3 subscribers (or above), I can work with you on weekly posts, excerpts from your articles, branding your pictures, and coming up with a content strategy, with special offers for your customers, and Landing Pages on your website that are built to convert visitors.

First, I always recommend that you register on these sites yourself (Facebook Business Page, Google My Business, Yelp, etc.) I can help you and coach you, but you should do the first steps of registering yourself. It's important that you have a basic understanding of what's going on, and never give total control of these business pages to a third party — not even me! Once you have control of these, then you simply give me post-only access and permission to make updates, if you want.

Once you're up and running on each site, I can help you with your profile setup by creating a quality, appealing, intuitive, and professional look and feel. Just ask! (I won't do it automatically. We need to discuss it.)

I can help you with your business description and other profile information which should closely match and strategically link to your website. Also, I can create and optimize your pictures and graphics PROPERLY so they look great on computers and on mobile devices. And each picture you post should be carefully chosen, and many should be upgraded into marketing pieces, not just snapshots.

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