Google loves well-written content and great photos
— and so do your site visitors.

One of the most important pieces to the internet marketing puzzle is the content of your website — the written words, the graphics, and the photos.

As I study other cleaner's websites and their social media posts, most make the terrible mistake of making all the content about them and how great they are, especially the content written by the "website factories". Some look good at first glance, but they're seriously lacking any depth or interest or anything useful. I want to approach your website to reflect your professionalism and your expertise and express your unique voice. I want to write your content with the mindset of writing your tiny pieces of a world-wide encyclopedia. This is Google's goal. To serve up the best information. So forget about just saying how experienced and great you are. Show it instead with great content.

The Non-blog Blog - Useful Professional Articles

Google loves authorship.

Google rewards websites with consistently great writing by authoritative experts with a good reputation. So, I'm attempting to make you a reputable author — even if you don't like to write. But you have to answer my emails. I don't like to write generic articles. The best articles require some input from you.

I know that if you've been to the big marketing seminars, it's very likely that they told you that having a blog on your website is ESSENTIAL to any effective marketing campaign. Well, that's somewhat true.

A blog is the easiest — and the laziest — and the most non-sensical — way to get fresh content on your website regularly.

You're not a blogger for a living, and besides — blogs are for general interest topics.

I propose that we build a "Help & Expert Advice" section on your website. We can call it whatever you want. In this section of your website, we can add useful information, expand on FAQ answers, add success stories, and provide helpful cleaning tips and tricks. It's easier than you think. Hundreds of cleaners are doing this, and so are the nationwide franchises. We can do it too.

But I'd be willing to bet that writing is not your favorite thing to do, or your strong point.
No problem.

Allow me to be your "ghost writer", your editor, your coach.

I'm working on a very long and thorough list of mental triggers and prompts for the best article material. All you have to do is scan the list, choose a topic, and communicate your expert advice to me — in an email or even a phone call — and I'll turn it into a useful article and a marketing piece. That's one of my roles as your webmaster. But I need your input, so I can incorporate YOUR specific advice in your words and style.

Social Media Posts

When it comes to social media, getting started and posting consistently can be the hardest part. And knowing what to write when it's time to post is stressful.

But what if I helped you, and sent you prompts each week in a form, and you fill out the answers with your expertise and your unique brand voice, and I turn it into an engaging post — how much time and stress would that save you?

(Note: Social media posting is available for Level 3 Solid Setup subscribers and above)

Each week, I'll send you several prompts to choose from, something to spark your imagination and make posting regularly so much easier — not specific language on exactly what to say, but specific prompts to get you going. This will allow you to bring your own expertise and unique brand voice to your posts.

What do you mean by prompts?

For example: Did you know that National Peanut Butter Day is observed annually on January 24? It's a thing! And it's amusing. Have you ever spilled peanut butter on carpet? How would you clean peanut butter off a carpet? Have you ever had a challenge cleaning peanut butter off a sofa? Is peanut butter water soluble? Scrub? Blot?

Almost everything that can be spilled on a carpet or a sofa has a national holiday, and a timely amusing post will keep you fresh in your visitor's mind when they see a spot on their carpet. Know what I mean?

Answer The Public!

Remember this phrase. This is a great attitude. There is a website that shows ACTUAL search terms that real people have typed into Google searches. Together, between your website and the Mothership, we can Answer The Public. This article I wrote has a list of search terms related to carpet cleaning that the public has asked. Which ones will you answer?


I'm also working on a photos "contact sheet". I'm not a fan of clip art and silly stock photos. The more you can actually show your brand and your character, the better. Simply grab your phone, and on a nice day, go out and take some great pictures of your rigs in a beautiful local iconic setting. Do you live in San Francisco? Take a shot with the Golden Gate Bridge. Do you live in Angel's Camp California where they have a famous annual frog jumping contest? Take a picture with the town's welcome sign with a big frog on it. Anything iconic in your city or town.

Better yet, hire an amateur or student photographer - no need to pay for expensive professionals, although they would give you the best results.

Another problem I see all over cleaner's websites and social media are low-quality snapshots. I've seen some Yelp pages and social network photos that cleaners upload, and it's confusing and actually can be a turn-off to high-end customers. High-end clients don't want their carpet maintained after you clean a totally filthy apartment. I know you clean your rig after each job, but your customers imagine that you MIGHT not. So, being very choosey which pictures you use on your website and in your social media is essential to attracting the best customers.


"What the heck is the IICRC?" — your customers may think. What's the CRI? What do these badges mean? On almost every website, badges are displayed randomly and carelessly, and most of your customers probably have no idea what each of these badges mean. On my latest websites, I like to explain each badge clearly. Good idea?

"About Us" Pages

Here's an opportunity to shine! When making a hiring decision, many customers may visit your About Us page to learn more about you. So, this page should be very well thought out, and should be updated and improved at least once a year.

FAQ Page

This is a page also that I've seen neglected. What ARE your customer's frequently asked questions? Starting tomorrow, if a customer asks you a question, and you give a great answer, make a note of it, and immediately write to me! If you're a Solid Setup subscriber, I'll be happy to update your FAQ any time. Periodically, we can review your answers and improve them.

The value of quality content reflects your professionalism.

The quality I'm striving for is premium ... while maintaining an affordable price!

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