Introducing The Solid Setup

The Solid Setup is a coordinated set of internet marketing services that I offer together to attract more and more potential customers to your website, and convert them into customers..

My goal is simple: Create the highest quality internet marketing services for the highest quality cleaners. I've created this program for ONLY the top cleaners. Every piece of your online marketing puzzle should fit together perfectly and efficiently, and look absolutely attractive and professional. The visitors to your website will see the difference immediately.

The quality I'm striving for is premium ... while maintaining an unbelievably affordable price!

Please take the time to read this tour like a good short book. It should take about 15 minutes. And take a little extra time to study it. After all, it's about marketing your strong local brand -- your business. And as Steve Marsh teaches in his best-selling program "Be Competition Free", it "makes you look like the expert you are."
But I'm going one step further -- it may position you as a nationwide expert.

This tour explains, in fairly complete detail, my proposal to help you with your online marketing endeavors unlike any other system on the internet for carpet cleaners. I call it The Solid Setup, which is short for The Solid Internet Marketing Setup based on Solid SEO and User-Experience Techniques and Strategies.

Furthermore, I know that as a carpet cleaner, you work very hard for every dollar you make. Driving to each job, lugging around hoses, pushing around a rotary extractor, scrubbing spots, keeping your rig clean and in good repair, and so much more. I want you to make more money, and keep more of it. And I think most of you who have hired others that I call "website factories" are paying too much for too little. They have massive overhead, 3 or 4 different people that you have to deal with separately, and many simply recycle old websites and paste your logo on them. I’ve seen it.

I've learned from Steve and from the cleaners I've worked with since 2008 to speak the language of a carpet cleaner. And I can understand specific challenges that the "website factories" cannot.

But I've only been part-time — until last year — when I decided to go full time and full out and create The Solid Setup, a very high-quality and ultra-connected suite of online assets that work together to give you the best possible results. This Tour explains what these assets are, and then I'm available to talk to you — for hours and hours if you want — to help you understand why this approach is unique, better, innovate, less expensive — and a solid core for all of your internet marketing strategies.

The old model of buying a website ends here.

Old Model: buy a website, watch it grow old, then buy a new website every few years just to keep up.

The Solid Setup is very different.

The new model:

Constant Improvement!

Automatic New Features (For example, I’m working on holiday decorations and a very cool way for customers to browse your reviews.)

Built-In SEO! (Rather than add-on SEO)

What about Google Ads?

The Solid Setup is NOT EVERYTHING. It’s not Google Ads, for example. Ads are optional. I'm working on getting Google Certified, so I will be able to help you with Ads eventually.

But the Solid Setup is the solid core that must be in place BEFORE you run any ads, if you choose to do so. It's everything you absolutely must have to be successful online in 2019 and beyond. PLUS a secret weapon I’m calling "The Mothership" which makes this proposal light-years better than the others are offering. You'll read all about it on the tour. But please keep it a secret. I’m not announcing this program to the public until 2020. I want to give my long-time loyal customers like you the first crack at this. There are strong benefits to getting in early. You’ll read about those on page 8 "My Offer" of this tour.

Like many of you reading this, I'm an owner-operator. I don't have big overhead costs like the big "website factories", and I run a tight ship. And nobody answers the phone but me — I'll talk with you as often and for as long as you want. I recently met with one of my clients, and we talked and strategized for over 7 hours! It was awesome!

In my system, you are an active participant, so your website reflects your style, your character, your speech. You are always kept in the loop, and we can talk as often as you like, at least once a month.

This whole effort is to delight and stand out as unique to your visitors -- and to get more visitors, to respect and delight the visitors that show up, to convert visitors to customers and repeat clients, and to interact with them the way THEY want to interact.

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Under Construction & Constant Improvement

This tour is under construction and in rough form.
I will be improving it WEEKLY throughout November and December, 2019
I will document the updates below.
I will also be updating THE MOTHERSHIP weekly. Members can see the State of the Mothership (and future plans) on The State of the Mothership page.

Tour Updates:

Update: November 2,2019 - rough draft of all Solid Setup Tour information. You can certainly find the gist of what The Solid Setup is all about, even though it's not sleek and beautiful yet.

Next Update: November 25 - add pictures to The Intro Page

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