My Offer

I have always been mindful of price and value for my clients. I know that you work hard for every dollar you earn. I also know that this is an ongoing monthly investment in time and dollars for the growth of your business. I want you to keep more of your money. And I also want to make sure that this program grows and thrives for everyone.

Prices for comparison — the typical costs for a carpet cleaner's setup of core web services may run like this:

  • SEO is $200 - $300 a month.
  • Website is $1000 - $5000 every 5 years.
  • Business Hosting, plus a Secure Certificate, runs around $45/month

My prices compare with the costs of a typical SEO alone — about $300 a month. But no one else offers The Mothership, Group Power, writing prompts, a top-quality website and my help with social media, review sites, and third-party services, and monthly website improvements!

Optional Third-Party Services and Advertising:If you choose, you can pay for advertising with Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List — and/or pay other services including scheduling software, invoicing, chat modules, etc. And I can help you to integrate these services smoothly into your Solid Setup.

If you're a top-quality service professional • if you've been in business for at least 5 years • if you have strong local branding • if you have a 5-star customer service personality • if you have over ten 5-star reviews and an average of 4-stars • if you keep your rig spotless • if you tackle the toughest problems • if you keep your attire tidy and professional • if you price your services fairly and with integrity • if you have strong industry training and certifications — then I want you to join the Solid Setup, or please tell me what's holding you back.



Free Consultation, and then if we're the right fit...

$495 one-time set-up fee and...

Current Murphy Magic Customers only $250

The Solid Setup

  • Premium Website
  • Local SEO Marketing
  • Social Media Coaching and Content
  • Mothership 5 points *
  • Monthly updates
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Solid Setup PLUS

  • Premium Website
  • Local SEO Marketing
  • Social Media Coaching and Content
  • Mothership 10 points *
  • 2x Monthly Updates
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Apply Now! No Obligation.
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Current Murphy Magic Customers:

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Some of Your Questions

A bunch of reasons.

When a carpet cleaner becomes more of an expert through experience and education, the prices you charge should go UP — until you're charging TOP-DOLLAR for your expertise.

But in electronic products (software, websites, etc.) — as I become more of an expert — my prices can go DOWN.


Efficiency, innovation, creativity, and having more customers — all allow me to do MORE in less time and less effort.

So, I can thrive without charging more.

• I run my business with purpose, fairness, and enthusiasm — not "how much can I make?".
• I run a tight ship, and I keep my overhead very low. I'm an owner-operator just like many of you.
• Subscription model instead of BUYING a website. Most software is going that way. Break the old cycle of — buy a website — watch it grow old — buy a new website. Instead, every 1-2 years, you'll be upgraded at no extra cost to the latest, greatest website model. Constant improvement!
• I ONLY make websites for carpet cleaners, so I've learned the unique needs of carpet cleaners. In contrast, generic SEO's need to take the time to gain experience to know the unique needs of carpet cleaners.
I know what to laser-focus on when it comes to SEO for cleaners.
• By doing both your website AND your SEO (baked-in) together, I can charge far less than you'd pay for a separate SEO.
• I use group pricing for premium business hosting and for the Secure Certificates.
• I leverage the power of our group and your participation to get the most effect in less time.
• As I see what works for one cleaner in one area, I can apply that data to cleaners in other areas.

Based on population, the number of keyword "city" pages you may occupy in the Mothership.

Subject to change: Cities with a population of over 1 million are 6 points, 500,000 - 1M are 4 points, 100,000 - 499,999 are 3 points, 40,000 - 99,999 are 2 points, under 40,000 is 1 point.

Yes, if you live in a highly-competitive city, your investment in time and cost will be a bit higher. You'll need to join The Solid Setup PLUS+ for a Mothership placement in the highest population cities.

For more information, see the Mothership Tour page.

For any reason — if the initial payment creates a hardship at the moment, but you don't want to lose your spot in the Mothership, we can get you started for less than $400. We can break the initial one-time cost into several monthly payments. I'm easy. Let's talk.

Monthly updates can include: article writing, improvement updates for any page (like the ABOUT page, FAQ, etc. — What's not perfect yet?), features like "holiday decorations" on your HOME page, updates to your curated REVIEWS page, adding SEO landing pages (for additional target cities), improvement updates for existing articles, updates to your photos, and more. Constant improvement.

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